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OMEL: Iman Group is the sole agent of Omel Pumps in Pakistan. We have successfully installed many pumps at critical locations and the customers are very pleased by the robustness and excellent working of the pumps.

The excellent response from users of Omel pumps in Pakistan signifies that it will not be long that Omel pumps will be the market leader in Pakistan




UND centrifugal pumps, domestic manufacturing, are present in most industrial plants, power generation, oil and petrochemical facilities, oil refineries in the area of ​​utilities, water treatment plant and wastewater treatment units. Fully meet the ANSI / ASME B73.1.


The HDR pumps are centrifugal type pumps of a single stage, with overhung rotor (OH2), radially split, with carcasses supported on the center line, meeting API 610 standards.


The Omel liquid ring vacuum monoblock pump has improved efficiency; reduced size and weight; is insensitive to dirt; is silent, with noises inferior to the ones made by the electric motor itself.


The Omel liquid ring vacuum single-stage pump operates with an auxiliary liquid (usually water) in a controlled quantity. As the rotor turns eccentrically within the housing, the fluid is propelled by centrifugal force to the periphery of the housing.


The Omel liquid ring vacuum double stage pump operates with auxiliary liquid (usually water) in a controlled quantity. As the rotor rotates eccentrically in the housing, the Iíquido is propelled by centrifugal force to the periphery of the housing.


The DMD metering pumps series are a compact pumps that are manufactured with mechanically operated elastomer diaphragm, hermetic head and with a robust reduction mechanism.


Developed from the design of NSP metering pump, DMP is a compact plunger metering pump, robust, monoblock construction that allows a modular system the assembly up to 6 pumping heads.


The NSP pumps are diaphragm pumps used for high precision services with a maximum theoretical capacity which can vary linearly from 0 to 100%, enabling measurements with errors up to 1%.

Liquid ring compressors are used in the most diverse industrial processes, such as: compression of air or gases in general, aerating tanks for fermentation or fermentors, agitating tanks for liquids in general, feeding air (or gas) to burners. The compressors are indicated for chemical, food or other industries.


  • • Pneumatic transportation of bulk materials: In vacuum or pressure, with wide application in the transportation of ashes, cement, flours, crystals, grain, pellets, sawdust, unloading of ship holds, trucks, among others.
  • • Aeration of tanks, ponds, reservoirs: In treatment of effluents.
  • • Washing of filters: In backpressure in the treatment of effluents.
  • • In steelmaking: In furnace air blowing at direct reduction plants.
  • • In high-vacuum processes: Operating as a primary pump. Requires special seals.
  • • In pressure boosting processes: As a booster, supplied to resist inlet pressures of up to 2,5 bar.
  • • In transportation of gases in general: With applications in the chemical, petrochemical and metallurgical industries, with special seals and materials, such as stainless steels, super alloys.
  • • In treatment of waste: Blowers are used in sanitary landfills to pump the gases produced by the decomposing material. In addition they are used in the recovery of sub-soils in soils degraded by pollutant agents.
  • • Cleaning: in mobile units destined for cleaning large areas by aspiration and for pulverization of granulates and powdered products in large areas.


The valves NT Series are a simple and secure way to control the flow of materials in a pipe. The flux occurs with the fastening and loosing a flexible tubular diaphragm (sleeve), which is usually made of natural or synthetic rubber. The only components exposed to the fluid is the tubular diaphragm, and as so, the longevity of the components is increased.


NT valves are used in the chemical industries, mining industries, paper industries, dyes, explosives, food, waste and water treatment, cement, among others.


The rotameter model “M250” is used for flow metering of fluid liquids or gases in applications where rotameters with glass tubes cannot be used due to high temperatures, pressure, density, and risk of flammability or the fluids corrosive properties.


The “R4M” metallic rotameters model are normally applied in measuring liquids or gases when the process temperatures or pressures are high or in cases which opaque liquids or corrosive conditions could affect the glass tubes utilized in the common rotameters.


The model “T” rotameters are of simple construction, employing conical glass tubes and fIoats for precise measurement of liquids or gases in process piping and within the limits described below.


The rotameters are flowmeters of variable area, through which the fluid (liquid, gas or steam) flows in a vertical conic tube, from the bottom up, where the floater lays.


The model “N” rotameters are for direct installation in main process pipelines or in by-pass lines. The rotameter metering tubes are high precision borosilicate glass.


The model “P” rotameters are manufactured in 1/8”, 1/4” and 1/2” diameters for very low volume measuring of gas and liquids. Three versions are available, a 60 mm scale (1P5), a 150 mm (3P5) for the same range of capacity


Omel, besides the liquid ring vacuum pumps, manufactures vacuum systems for specific applications. Those systems are specially designed for the severe conditions demanded by several industrial processes.

Omel, besides the ISO 9001 certification, is qualified to comply with standards demanded by vacuum systems, including petrochemical industries and other energy companies’ standards.